Second market round of biodiversity units for the Bristol Avon Catchment Market

Further transactions in the new statutory market for BNG as the Bristol Avon Catchment Market reached the successful settlement of a second market round.

Bristol Suspension Bridge

The Bristol Avon Catchment Market is a collaboration between Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, Avon Wildlife Trust and EnTrade, offering businesses in the South West an opportunity to meet their environmental goals.

Ever since Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) became mandatory, businesses will need to find the right solution to meet their environmental obligations. Working with local landholders, the Bristol Avon Catchment Market is developing a strong pipeline of nature-based projects supporting nature’s recovery, fully accredited for the number of Biodiversity Units they will create.

In a Market Statement issued last week, EnTrade, the Market Operator, confirmed that it had been
able to successfully match buyer bids and supplier offers in the second Market Round. The sale of rights to 6.77 Biodiversity Units will create 0.76 hectares of Grassland projects, and 230 metres of Hedgerow projects. The second Market Round saw close to £140,000 of trades enabling farmers to establish their projects including annual payments for land use and maintenance over the next 30 years.

Guy Thompson, Managing Director, EnTrade said: “We are pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the second round of the Bristol Avon Catchment Market. This achievement highlights the role the Bristol Avon Catchment Market can play in enabling organisations to meet their obligations under Biodiversity Net Gain”.

Amy Coulthard, Director of Operations, EnTrade said: “We have a strong pipeline of projects lined up for future market rounds. We encourage organisations that are interested in sourcing offsite Biodiversity Units to visit our website to find out more about how the Bristol Avon Catchment Market can help them achieve their environmental goals.”

A third market round is planned for June 2024