Second Nature: The Story of a Naturalist’s Garden

Journalist and gardener Susie White’s new book tells the story of how she created a Northumberland garden as a haven for wildlife.

Book cover Second Nature by Susie White

A book perfect for keen gardeners and those passionate about conservation and protecting the planet alike, Second Nature taps into the growing interest in and need for sustainable gardening.

In a hidden valley tucked into an unspoiled corner of Northumberland lies a naturalist’s garden, developed from scratch by award-winning gardener and author Susie White, her husband and friends. This is the story of how they created a remarkable oasis, a place as alive as it is beautiful.

Second Nature is White’s story of how she turned her garden into a wildlife-filled sanctuary, fully integrated with the surrounding landscape and all the life it contains – a garden that attracts many species in, and is a haven for her to relax and enjoy her beautiful surroundings. From the plants and wildlife to the structures that provide shelter and habitat, every element reflects Susie’s commitment to sustainability. Her account is filled with inspiration and practical advice for gardeners to learn from, and her deep appreciation for the natural world shines through.

The book is both lyrical and hands-on. Readers will appreciate the descriptions of Susie’s garden, as well as her response to the urgent need to tackle the global biodiversity crisis, beginning at the most local level. Discover the transformative power, for you and for wildlife – of building an outdoor sanctuary for all species to thrive in and enjoy.

Susie White is a gardening and travel writer, broadcaster, wildlife photographer and lecturer. A lifelong and passionate gardener, she developed the garden at Chesters Walled Garden on Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland. Since then she has created a garden from scratch in a hidden valley on previously uncultivated land. She is a regular contributor to the Guardian, BBC Countryfile, The English Garden, Homes and Gardens, and is garden columnist for My Weekly magazine. A member of the Garden Media Guild, and RHS speaker, she is the author of Gardens of Northumberland and the Borders.

Second Nature: The Story of a Naturalist’s Garden (Saraband) will be released on the 11th of April 2024.