Seed Pot Grow Kit

Innovative new grow-your-own seed pots with mushroom mycelium by the Caley Brothers.

The Caley sisters of Caley Brothers took RHS Chelsea by storm this year, with their innovative and artistic display of spectacular edible and medicinal mushrooms – perched on plinths like invaluable collector’s items.

Named after their grandfather (and his brother’s) greengrocer business, the sisters grow the most incredibly beautiful mushrooms.

The mushroom duo have released an innovative new kit for gardeners to ‘grow’ one’s own, hence plastic-free and 100% biodegradable seed pots. The Seed Pot Grow Kit follows the manufacturing process used by mushroom packaging companies.

Mycelium, the root system of the mushroom forms and binds together a substrate mix that creates the pots to support freshly sewn seedlings. When ready to plant, the home-grown pot will compost down and go on to, not only nurture the growing plant but also nourish the soil and provide food for worms and organisms in the soil.

Along with all the necessary guidance and support, the Seed Pot Grow Kit includes fresh grain spawn, which is to be kept refrigerated until ready for use and must be used within 4 weeks.

On recent instagram post, the sisters provided a demonstration of the product.