Sow Far Sew Good Exhibition

An exhibition celebrating the 10th anniversary of Stitching Botanical, the self-funded, volunteer and creative textile group, hosted by and stitching for The National Botanic Garden of Wales.

Stitching Botanic Exhibition piece by Stephen Verbeeck
credit: Stephen Verbeeck

Over the last 10 years, the Stitching Botanical Group have produced an extensive collection of work which supports the mission of the National Botanic Garden of Wales (NBGW).

Set up and facilitated by Marilyn Caruana in 2014, the members of Stitching Botanical meet monthly at the NGBW to design, plan projects and to share skills, though most of their textile artwork is created over countless hours at home. For their creations, the group use different techniques including appliqué, fabric colouring and manipulation, (hand & machine) embroidery, patching and piecing, raised embroidery, and (wet and dry) felting.

During the 10 years since, the group has created special collections of embroidery featuring plants, fungi, natural habitats and a range of pollinators. These collections are used to enhance public events and displays, aid adult and child education and promote the NBGW to a wider audience.

The Sow Far Sew Good exhibition (4th -17th of May) provides an opportunity to view the textile pieces, including large-scale pieces such the (pictured) South-African panel by Stephen Verbeeck, set against the beautiful backdrop of the Botanic Gardens.