Stihl launch new battery-powered secateurs

Premium garden tools brand, Stihl introduce the new ASA 20, battery powered secateurs capable of cutting branches with a diameter of up to 25mm.

When fully charged, the Stihl ASA 20 can be used for up to four hours, which according to the manufacturer allows for around 2,000 cuts on one battery charge. This does depend on the type branch you are cutting and the diameter of the material. The ASA 20 is part of the STIHL AS System of battery tools, such as the HSA 26 shrub shears or the GTA 26 garden pruner. The 10.8 V lithium-ion AS 2 battery is fully charged in 80 minutes with the AL 1 charger – which is compatible with the AS 2 battery and the AL 1 charger.

Lightweight, the powerful STIHL ASA 20 battery secateurs are ergonomically shaped and can cut branches with a diameter of up to 25mm. The progressive cut ensures precision; the blade follows the finger movement on the operating lever and only closes as far as the lever is pressed, and the opening width of the blade can also be adjusted to two sizes to suit different cutting tasks. Doing this allows the cutting speed to be increased when cutting thin branches, thanks to the reduced opening width. Weighing less than 1kg, the secateurs are balanced to sit comfortably in the hand with their ergonomic handle, allowing for easy operation for both right and left-handed users.

The ASA 20 is now available from STIHL dealers and has an RRP from £164.