Sutton’s new vegetable seed range

Renowned supplier of flower and vegetable seeds, young plants, bulbs, fruit bushes for the amateur gardener, have released their new range of seeds for 2024.

Chilli Pepper ‘Raging Bull’ F1
Chilli Pepper ‘Raging Bull’ F1

Highlights of the new range from chillies to tomatoes and hearty roots, include;

  • Chilli Pepper ‘Raging Bull’ F1 – a cross between a Biquinho and a Habanero, producing chillies with a sweet and fruity flavour coupled with a hot kick of 100,000 SHU (pictured)
  • Carrot ‘Black Nebula’ – the darkest carrot on the market. With a high concentration of health-promoting anthocyanins, producing long black-purple tapering roots reaching 15-25cm. According to Suttons, they keep their dark colour after cooking.
  • Radish ‘Royal Purple’ – Large, plump uniform radish that is ready to harvest in just 33 days from sowing and perfect for veg growers of all abilities.

Full details of the new range on the Suttons blog.