The Farewell Flowers Directory

To help people find more natural and seasonal funeral flowers, Gill Hodgson and Carole Patilla have launched The Farewell Flowers Directory

credit: The Funeral Flowers Directory

The duo met when working on Flowers From The Farm, which Gill Hodgson founded and Carole Patilla was co-chaired. Their new venture, The Farewell Flowers Directory aims to connect florists who want to change the world of funeral flowers, one arrangement at a time.

Hodgson and Patilla explain that when faced with many difficult decisions during a very tough time, people will often resort to simply plumping for the funeral director’s floral catalogue – normally made to a formula without considering seasonality or the environmental impact of the materials used.

The florists listed in the new UK-wide directory on the other hand, can provide compostable funeral flowers which are made without plastics and plastic-derived floral foam, and which will always include some UK grown flowers or foliage.

“By starting this directory, we want to lay a new path which is just as easy to for you to follow but which leads to something special and different”, explain the floral duo.

UK Florists keen to join sign up to the new directory can do so if they meet the following conditions:

  1. They can provide compostable funeral flowers which don’t use wire, plastic-derived floral foam or any other form of plastic
  2. Their compostable funeral arrangements will always include some locally grown or UK grown flowers & foliage
  3. The directory’s ‘Find Flowers’ map can link to their website with dedicated funeral flowers page. Also, for transparency, consumers should be able to find information as to where the flowers for funeral work are sourced.

See the Farewell Flowers Directory for sign up to the directory or to find flowers.