The Money-Saving Garden Year

Annual, month-by-month guide to a great garden for less with the Money-Saving gardener, Anya Lautenbach.

Anya Lautenbach's new book entitled the Money Saving Garden Year

Digital creator and gardener, Anya Lautenbach is passionate to encourage more people to give gardening a go no matter their background, budget or garden size. Born in Poland, she lives with her husband and two younger sons in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

Lautenbach’s social media popularity led her to write her first book, The Money-Saving Gardener which provided tips and tricks to keeping costs down without compromising on style or impact in the garden.

To follow her Sunday Times Best seller, Lautenbach’s new book, ‘The Money-Saving Garden Year’ provides month-by-month advice on what to do when – from self-sown seedlings to spot, the best time to propagate different plants, and seasonal pruning jobs. She shows you how to keep your garden looking good without breaking the bank. Handy monthly plant lists, money-saving tips, propagation chart, and planting calendar guide you on your way.Lautenbach’s clear, practical yet mindful approach will help all to grow a glorious garden while cutting costs.

Following the theme, Lautenbach and RHS Ambassador, Jamie Butterworth have designed the Money Saving Garden for the upcoming RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival which will showcase how to create a beautiful garden from plants that can be grown for free, save money gardening and show how nurturing plants is good for your health, wellbeing and the planet.

The Money-Saving Garden Year (DK Publishing) will be released on the 24th of October 2024.