The Oudolf Landscape at RHS Wisley is now open

The highly anticipated, transformed Glasshouse Borders by the internationally acclaimed landscape designer Piet Oudolf at RHS Wisley are now open.

Piet Oudolf Landscape RHS Wisley
credit: Blakedown Landscapes

At just under 2 acres, the renamed the ‘Oudolf Landscape‘ at RHS Wisley is one of the largest examples of Piet Oudolf’s work in the UK. More integral to the designer’s true style than the original scheme, the garden features 36,000 perennials, over 162 species and cultivars, in 3000m² of planted beds.

By means of beautifully meandering paths, visitors are guided through the various plant communities that naturally support each other. Thje curated landscape promotes harmonious co-existence of plant species, encourages wildlife, and contributes to climate change mitigation.

Commenting on instagram, after attending the opening of the new landscape, Tom Stuart-Smith said: “It was a great day yesterday for RHS Wisley with the opening of the Oudolf Landscape leading down towards the Glasshouse from the top of the hill. The RHS flagship garden now has a great example of a garden by the master. By late summer it will be looking wonderful” He went on to explain, that the original scheme of the double borders was “although beautifully planted were laid out to a prescribed axial plan and that formality didn’t really suit the subtlety of Piet’s planting (and he was never happy with the plan) so it’s doubly happy that we now have a more gentle, immersive, sinuous and exploratory sort of garden. 34,000 plants.”

Work on the new landscape started in autumn/winter 2023 and was completed, just yesterday with Piet Oudolf, himself putting the finishing touches in place. Along with the RHS Wisley garden team, Blakedown Landscapes worked to make this incredible Oudolf Landscape a reality. Blakedown profiled the garden and created the pathways, whilst the planting was mainly carried out by the RHS Wisley Garden team, with the help of volunteers.

For all the details about the Oudolf Landscape and visiting, we refer you to the RHS website.

We are certainly champing at the bit to see it…