The Self-Sufficiency Garden

Written by gardener Huw Richards and chef Sam Cooper, this book is the result of years of tried-and-tested methods for self-sufficiency.

Book cover for the The Self-Sufficiency Garden

Richards and Cooper have spent the past two years planning and trialling their very own self-sufficiency garden in a 10x13m plot and now they’ve worked out the perfect formula. Grow six portions of nutritious veg a day per person following their month-by-month growing plan, which is realistic and flexible with cost, space, and time in mind. The duo provide a simple plan to ensure homegrown food all year round and save money on your weekly shop.

In the book, readers will be able to

  • Learn about Huw’s self-sufficiency ethos, goals and approaches
  • Create your garden and learn how to build all the growing spaces you will need, such as hot beds and polytunnels
  • Follow month-by-month planting plans with guidance on key tasks throughout the year
  • Discover useful kitchen tips meal prep, storage, and preserving ideas along with base recipes so you can make the most of your crops

The Self-Sufficiency Garden: Feed Your Family and Save Money (DK) will be released on the 7th of March 2024.