The Speaker Series

Podcast series by Project Giving Back with designers, charities and other guests on what it takes to create a successful RHS Chelsea garden and their legacy.

Speaker Series Project Giving Back

The conversations, were recorded live in May 2023 at the Garden Museum by Project Giving Back (PGB) to provide behind-the-scenes journey insights into designing, creating and building show gardens and how to ensure they have a lasting legacy.

Interesting listening for those keen to apply for a show garden and/or support from PGB. Some of the speakers interviewed for the series include:

  • Chris Marchant, Partner at Orchard Dene Nurseries
  • Jamie Butterworth, Managing Director of Form Plants
  • Sarah Randall, CEO of Teapot Trust
  • Organic herb grower Jekka McVicar
  • Zoe Franklin, Director of Communications & Events at Horatio’s Garden
  • Writer and Designer James Alexander-Sinclair