Thirty Gardens

UK exhibition by the accomplished painter, Francis Hamel after spending 18 months travelling and painting 30 of the UK’s most beautiful gardens.

Francis Hamel

Painting at dawn and dusk, when the light is low, the shadows are long and the gardens are at their most magical, Hamel’s paintings delight in unexpected views and the search for those perfect moments when emotion, light and structure combine.

Francis Hamel is a painter based in the UK and working between studios in Oxfordshire and Le Marche in central Italy. He was born in 1963 and trained at The Ruskin School of Art whilst at Magdalen College, Oxford and is known for his landscape painting and portraiture. Hamel’s practice involves painting and drawing from observation and  also includes paintings of the circus and theatre, flowers, still life and monumental tree paintings.

The exhibition ‘Thirty Gardens‘ opens on the 12th of October in London.