The story of Ted Green’s lifelong adventure with trees and tree folk.

Book cover Treetime written by Ted Green

Since earliest childhood, and with Windsor Great Park as his playground, Ted Green MBE has been asking questions about nature and our environment. Treetime is a collection of tales from over 80 years spent observing, questioning and caring for the natural world and all its wildlife, especially fungi, trees and birds.

Professor Mick Crawley, an internationally renowned ecologist, calls Ted ‘the complete naturalist’ in his book The Flora of Berkshire.

Treetime is published by the Arboricultural Association charity and was funded by Green himself from a win on premium bonds. All the proceeds from the book sales will go to the Arboricultural Association charity, to support education in tree ecology.

Treetime (Arboricultural Association) will be released on the 11th of December 2023.