Book cover Nature's Ghosts by Sophie Yeo

Book Release

Nature’s Ghosts

In her new book, environmental journalist Sophie Yeo examines our role as humans in designing rewilded ecosystems and how we can remain a vital part of them.

Book cover It Starts with Veg by Ceri Jones

Book Release

It starts with veg: 100 Seasonal Suppers and Sides

Taking forty vegetables, from the humble potato to celeriac, Chef and food educator, Ceri Jones shows the best ways to prepare them, the tastiest flavour pairings and recipes for each.

Book cover Outside In by Sean Pritchard

Book Release

Outside In: A Year of Growing & Displaying

Debut book by garden designer Sean A Pritchard on how to plan a garden so that every month of the year there’s something to bring indoors and display in an engaging way.

Book cover for What's that Weed?

Book Release

RHS What’s That Weed?

New guide for the seasoned gardener looking to identify, manage, and control the weeds in their gardeners.

Book Cover Edible Garden by Vicky Chown

Book Release

Edible Garden

Comprehensive handbook by Vicky Chown from the Bloom Gardener’s Guides series, covering everything you need to know to growing food.

Book cover The Climate Change-Resilient Vegetable Garden by Kim Stoddart

Book Release

The Climate Change–Resilient Vegetable Garden

Discover a new, more dynamic and durable way to grow food in the extremes of our changing climate in The Climate Change–Resilient Vegetable Garden by Kim Stoddart.

Book Cover Visionary by Claire Takacs

Book Release

Visionary: Gardens and Landscapes for our Future

Featuring more than 80 gardens from across the globe, this beautiful book looks to inspire with exciting gardens and innovative design solutions that look to the future.

Book cover Vegetables by Mark Diacono

Book Release

Vegetables: Easy and Inventive Vegetarian Suppers

In his new book, entitled Vegetables, Mark Diacono showcases almost 100 vegetarian recipes to encourage celebrating the seasons, switching up the diet, upgrade vitality and health, and tread more lightly on the planet.

Book cover Garden Heaven by Vanessa Berridge

Book Release

Garden Heaven

A unique tour of thirty of Britain’s most beautiful gardens, classic and modern.

Book cover Hello Tiny World by Ben Newell

Book Release

Hello Tiny World

New book by Ben Newell about the tiny magical worlds of terrariums, showing how to create a universe of your own.

Book cover for The Raised Bed Book by David Hurrion

Book Release

The Raised Bed Book

From siting and designing, choosing materials and growing media, to ongoing maintenance and how best to care for your plants, The Raised Bed Book by David Hurrion is the final word on growing above ground.

Book cover Let's Plant & Grow together by Ben Raskin

Book Release

Let’s plant & grow together

Seasoned guide to start and nurture your own thriving community garden to cultivating your local outdoor space.