Winner of the RHS & The One Show Pocket Garden Makeover

Bristol based Sara Tacchi win the RHS & The One Show competition which highlights the impact of small changes to ‘pocket-sized’ outdoor spaces on plants, wildlife and people

credit: RHS

Based in Bristol, Sara Tacchi entered the competition to transform her flat’s small narrow garden that runs beside a busy roundabout. She has a condition that makes accessing outdoor space for long periods of time difficult and would hugely benefit from a garden space on her doorstep to enjoy.

Tacchi dreamed of growing veg, herbs and flowers that would create a garden full of vibrant colour. In a small and challenging space, she wanted to make use of all available window ledges and walls and create an oasis that could provide an escape that was private and calming.

The competition focusses on the fact that no matter how small the space one has to work with, having your own outdoor mini-oasis can be life enriching, help mental health, and make theocal community a greener and a more beautiful place to be.

​As the winner Tacchi receives a small garden space makeover up to the value of £5,000 by expert garden designer Chris Hull. Hull, best known for his garden designs and presenting BBC One’s Garden Rescue has transformed the small space in Bristol to ensure Tacchi’s ideas and inspiration come to life.

Hull said: “No matter what the size, everyone deserves a garden space where they can relax, immerse themselves in nature, and support wildlife in their local area. I can’t wait to help the worthy winner and to inspire many more people to ‘green-up’ their lives.”