Winners Henchman Topiary Awards 2024

The winners of the inaugural Topiary Awards, organised by ladder manufacturer, Henchman were announced at this year’s RHS Hampton Court Flower Festival.

Winner Home Garden Category Henchman Topiary Awards 2024

Launched in March 2024, the Henchman Topiary Awards celebrate the art of topiary and recognise those who demonstrate exceptional skill, creativity, and passion in shaping and maintaining incredible living sculptures. According to Henchman, this year’s competition saw a fantastic display of topiary mastery, showcasing the very best in garden artistry.

The competition was divided into two categories; Best professional topiary artist and Best home garden creation. Over 70 applications were received for the competition, from individuals of all backgrounds and skill levels.

The entries were evaluated based on a comprehensive set of criteria designed to assess their creativity, craftsmanship, and overall impact, by an esteemed panel of topiary experts and horticulturalists including; Elizabeth Hilliard, Editor of European Boxwood and Topiary Society (EBTS) magazine TOPIARIUS; Michael Buck, Head of Horticulture at Creepers Nursery; Andy Bourke, professional topiarist better known as The Hedge Barber; and Owen Simpson, Managing Director at Henchman.

“We are thrilled to announce the winners of the Henchman Topiary Awards and to recognise their exceptional talent and passion for topiary. We were blown away by the quality of submissions – both in the Professional and Home Gardener category – so much so that the judges have selected a first place winner, second place and a highly commended, as well as the Henchman’s Choice award. Each winning sculpture is a testament to the creativity and skill that’s out there across Britain”, said Clare Lenaghan-Balmer, Head of Marketing at Henchman.

Winners Home Gardener Category 2024


The winner in the Home Gardener Category is David Hawson from Aberdeenshire. Hawson’s incredible design features a whimsical scene featuring countryside animals, marine creatures, and scene from Moby Dick carefully sculpted into a continuous hedge, resulting in a high-impact horizon. Divided by a central archway, the design artfully contrasts earthbound creatures with those of the sea, creating a striking dual landscape that captivates with its charm and symmetry.

This remarkable topiary creation began forty five years ago as three-inch yew seedlings, initially planted as a natural barrier to keep livestock out of the garden. Reflecting inspiration from Herman Neville’s ‘Moby Dick’, the topiary features scenes from the novel, including the stern of Captain Ahab’s ship and Queequeg poised to harpoon the great white whale. Hawson’s expert techniques, such as plaiting stems and utilising the sun’s changing angles, enhance the garden’s enchanting atmosphere. His hope is that this living form of art brings a smile to all who pass by.

Second Place

Second place was awarded to Petra Hoyer Millar from Oxfordshire (…yes that is yours truly – the editor of According to the judges the design features a series of perfectly clipped hedges crafted into large, rounded shapes that flow sinuously to create a cloud-like effect, guiding the eye along its length with artistic precision and skill.

Highly Commended

Hugh Johnson from Somerset received highly commended recognition for his display of intricate sculpted shapes. The garden includes a variety of traditional topiary designs such as spiral and cone shapes, punctuated with vibrant purple flowers to add a splash of colour.

Professional Gardener Category 2024


Taking first prize in the professional gardener category is garden designer, Harrie Carnochan from West Sussex. His display, which had been created for a client’s garden, wowed judges with its immaculate symmetry, expert eye for design and overall high impact. Small topiary balls sit atop perfectly sculpted columns to welcome visitors to the garden, with rounded trees standing proudly around the lawn. Carnochan currently maintains the topiary garden.

Second Place

Second place was awarded to Suffolk-based Chris Reeve. The judges said that his topiary creation brought a touch of magical enchantment to any garden. The design features a carefully crafted frog prince. Its intricate details include rounded eyes, a pronounced mouth and gracefully arched limbs, showcasing exceptional skill, creativity and a keen eye for detail.

Highly Commended

Recognised for his charming and lifelike depiction of two dogs, the highly commended award was awarded to Simon Newman from Worcestershire. These intricately sculpted canine figures demonstrate a high level of topiary artistry and creativity.

The Henchman Choice Award

Voted for by the Henchman Team, the Choice Award was awarded to Bedfordshire-based Keith Miles for his impressive life-sized tractor sculpture crafted from densely trimmed shrubs. The lush greenery creates a striking three-dimensional form complete with figure of a person sat proudly behind the steering wheel.

Harrie Carnochan and David Hawson received their deserved trophies at this year’s RHS Hampton Court Flower Festival in the Melanie Hick’s Climate Forward Show Garden. In addition to their trophies, the winners received an array of prizes, including a Henchman tripod ladder, ARS Shears, an annual membership to the European Boxwood and Topiary Society and a day trip for two to one of the European Boxwood & Topiary Society’s (EBTS) garden trips.