Winners of the 2024 RHS Botanical Art & Photography Show at Saatchi Gallery

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has revealed the medal and award winners of the outstanding 2024 RHS Botanical Art and Photography Show in partnership with the Saatchi Gallery (London).

Parterre Illuminated by Andrea Jones RHS Botanical Art and Photography Show 2024
Parterre Illuminated by Andrea Jones

The RHS Botanical Art & Photography show, in association with the Saatchi Gallery, exhibits exquisite botanical art and photography from around the world and explores a rich variety of subjects and themes. The world-class artists and photographers have been awarded RHS Gold, Silver-Gilt, Silver, and Bronze medals. A series of special awards; Best Botanical Artwork, Best Botanical Art Exhibit, Best Portfolio Photography Exhibit, and Judges Special Award, have also been presented.

All entries have been reviewed by an expert judging panel during the pre-selection process, prior to the show opening, and assessed on aesthetic appeal, scientific accuracy and technical skill.

For the first time, the public will have the opportunity to vote in The People’s Choice award for their favourite entry (voting closes at 9pm on 25 June), with the winner announced on Wednesday 26 June.

Special Awards

  • Best Botanical Artwork: Daleen Roodt for Eulophia horsfallii & Dissotis princeps with carpenter bees (Xylocopa flavorufa)
  • Best Botanical Art Exhibit: Lynne Uptin for The Genus Richea: A Relic of Gondwana
  • Judges’ Special Award (Botanical Art): Sunanda Verma Widel for Ornamental Bananas from Southeast Asia
  • Best Portfolio Photography Exhibit: Andrea Jones for Gardens Illuminated
  • Best Single Image (Photography): Christine Adams for Earthly Paradise Garden II, Phoenix dactylifera
  • Judges’ Special Award (Photography): Keith Surey for Botanical Harmony

Botanical Art

RHS Gold Medals

  • Anne Hayes, Banksia Serrata
  • Betsy Rogers-Knox, Looking Over the Overlooked – The Forest Floor
  • Daleen Roodt, South African Orchids: Natural Scenes of Specialised Pollination Interactions
  • Amelia Grass, Overlooked: Wildflowers in the Restored Meadows of Glyntaff, South Wales
  • Hyunjin Cho, Succulents studied in stippling
  • Lynne Uptin, The Genus Richea: A Relic of Gondwana
  • Maria Lombardi, Tillandsia – Daughters of the Wind
  • Sandunmali Kulasekara, Medicinal Plants Native to the Desert
  • Sunanda Verma Widel, Ornamental Bananas from Southeast Asia
  • Toni Dade, Magnolia grandiflora: From Bud to Desiccated Seedpod
  • Yuko Saito, Three distinct groups of Celosia based on their structure

RHS Silver-gilt medals

  • Hyojung Kim, Endangered Wild Plants of Korean Endemic Species
  • Giacomina Ferrillo, Memento
  • Rika Takanohashi, The life of the Japanese thistle (Cirsium japonicum)

RHS Silver medals

  • Linda Pitkin, Native British Woodland Wildflowers
  • Yumi Ohara, Cherry Blossom: winter bud ~ seed
  • Masako Torii, Flowers & Butterflies of Suginami, Tokyo
  • Annie Chen, Woody plants in the Amazon rainforest
  • Ingrid Arthur, A Shetland Garden

RHS Bronze medals

  • Hyun Jung Kim, Roses of Ilsan Lake Park at Goyang City in Republic of Korea
  • Ann Saward, Sarracenia – Trumpet Pitcher Plants of North America
  • Claudia Lane, Celebrating the Spider Flower


RHS Gold medals

  • Vanda Ralevska, High Tatras: Rising from the Ashes
  • Elaine Duigenan, Whole and In Part
  • Keith Surey, Botanical Harmony
  • Christine Adams, A Timeless Earthly Paradise Garden
  • Andrea Jones, Gardens Illuminated (pictured)
  • Barry Webb, Revealing the Unseen World of Slime Moulds
  • Juliette Scott, Tulips – Never Too Old to Dance
  • Melanie Chalk, Cyanotype Magic in a Summer Garden

RHS Silver-gilt medals

  • Michѐle Lazenby, Vessels of Light
  • John Shepherd, Images from the Species Malus domestica
  • Benn R. Storey, Garden Construct Series
  • Mark Lunn, The Wood Recyclers
  • Adam Cole, Urban Street Plants
  • Sheena Roberts, Hebridean Lichens
  • Anne MacIntyre, Anemones Behind The Scenes

RHS Silver medals

  • Richard Milton-Worssell, Painshill Park, Surrey
  • Linda Gower, Pensthorpe Millennium Garden
  • Libby Ellis, Miraculum

The RHS Botanical Art & Photography Show will be open to the public from 14 June – 7 July 2024 at Saatchi Gallery, London. The show is supported by Clive Christian Perfume who will showcase their expertise in Aroma Fusion technology. For more information and bookings for the RHS Botanical Art & Photography Show, we refer you to the Saatchi Gallery