Woodland Trust petition to save ancient trees

Most of our ancient trees are not legally protected, the Trust is urging the Government to change that.

Ancient Tree

Ancient trees are living legends, pieces of history and our shared heritage. They’re also vital havens for wildlife and important carbon stores, bringing health and wellbeing benefits for people and nature alike. But our oldest and most valuable trees are vulnerable.

Right now, most ancient trees have no real legal protection in the UK. In the last 150 years, 50% of large trees have been lost from parts of Eastern England. Three quarters of ancient trees are found outside of legally protected wildlife sites.

Ancient trees deserve the same sort of protection enjoyed by old buildings, beloved national recipes and other endangered wildlife – some of which can’t survive without ancient trees.

The Woodland Trust petition seeks your support to demand:

  • Legally protected heritage status for some of our most ancient and important trees
  • Strong, consistent policy protection for old trees
  • More support for land managers and farmers to care for ancient and veteran trees

Add your voice for better protection for our oldest and most special trees.