Amateur Gardening Magazine back on the shelves

Saved from the brink, meet the newly reinvigorated Amateur Gardening magazine on sale from the 15th of November.

New edition Amateur Gardening Magazine

This issue and moving forwards, Amateur Gardening Magazine will be issued fortnightly instead of weekly, with extra pages and content, at the new price of £3.50.

Under the guardianship of the new editor Kim Stoddart, regular columnists such as Bob Flowerdew, Ruth Hayes, Anne Swithinbank, Lucy Chamberlain, Graham Clarke, Val Bourne, David Hurrion and John Negus will continue to be featured. New content from Beth Chatto Gardens, Michael Perry on resilient gardening and new plants of interest will also be included.

The new publisher Kelsey Media, took on Amateur Gardening in October from Future Publishing after they announced they would closing the 139 year old magazine.

The new publisher added “Amateur Gardening remains utmost a magazine for loyal AG readers, for gardeners of every level of Gardening magazine, so please write in and let me know what you would like us to feature over the months and years ahead”.