Greenwood Plants: Plant Healthy accredited

UK wholesale nursery, Greenwood Plants has been awarded ‘Plant Healthy’ certification following an audit of their six UK nursery sites.

Epimedium leaves

The Plant Healthy Certification Scheme was created by The Plant Health Alliance, which is a collective of British horticultural, forestry and land management organisations with a united goal of promoting and enhancing plant health and biosecurity measures in the UK and beyond. The scheme aims to protecting plants and trees from destructive notifiable pests and diseases, protect natural habitats, crop plants, supply chains and thereby the horticulture industry.

Horticultural businesses and organisations can be certified as ‘Plant Healthy’ by demonstrating their ability to operate to a set of requirements that minimises the risk of pest and disease spread. Businesses with ‘Plant Healthy’ certification can formally demonstrate their compliance with the Plant Health Management Standard. The scheme aids in the identify companies and organisations that handle plant material according to required standards of plant health and biosecurity.

Conducted by Grown in Britain, the Greenwood Plants nursery sites underwent the audit in February, before officially certifying the UK plant grower on 29th February 2024. According to Greenwood, biosecurity is a critical issue for the business and the Plant Healthy certification represents an important milestone in demonstrating the highest standards of biosecurity across its operation.

“We are delighted to have been certified Plant Healthy, and actively demonstrate our commitment to protecting our environment. The UK horticulture industry is an important part of UK’s trading landscape, and ensuring we grow the sector responsibly and sustainability by proactively managing biosecurity, is essential to our future growth potential”, said “, said Greenwood Managing Director, Melanie Asker.

Alistair Yeomans of the Plant Health Certification Scheme said: “It’s fantastic having an industry leader such as Greenwood on board with the Plant Healthy initiative. We are continually evaluating what we can do to improve biosecurity, and having key operators in the industry such as Greenwood actively adhering to these standards will help ensure we protect the British landscape as effectively as possible”.