Mad About Land launch new garden clothing range at the RHS Urban Show

With a display built from compostable cardboard boxes, host to mini wildflower meadows the new clothing brand celebrates the egalitarian pursuit of gardening.

Mad About Land clothing brand

Designed to leave a lighter footprint and be more sustainable, Mad About Land is a collaboration between FreshBritain and the Madresfield Estate. Their clothing USP highlights practicality, utility, tailoring and manufacturing from durable materials.

Their RHS Urban Show exhibit was created in collaboration with Tom Massey and is designed to encourage visitors to return their pre-packed meadow to the wild, “be that a modest window box, a few pots on the balcony, or a garden brimming with flowers”. The structure is designed to be easily dismantled so that attendees can take and plant each individual box at the end of the show, encouraging biodiversity and minimal waste.

The message of their individual meadow boxes may be small but together, they represent of a network of urban gardens or balconies making an amplified impact on biodiversity across the country. There are an estimated 30 million gardeners in the UK, and UK gardens equate to an area roughly the size of Wales. Small changes in way we garden and grow, supporting wildlife, promoting biodiversity and being more respectful of the natural environment, can lead to an impactful, positive change.