New Crocus Collection 2024

Ahead of the Garden Press Event, a sneaky preview of the new ‘Bring the Outside in’ Crocus Collection.

Crocus Collection Terracotta pots for indoors

The Crocus Collection range is designed and developed in-house by their award-winning product designer, Julia Leakey. For 2024, the collection features a simple, pared back classic range of terracotta pots for indoor use.

On trend and preferred by gardeners, terracotta pots make for a good option for indoor use. The porous clay allows for effective water absorption and excess moisture can be released from the soil more quickly.

Designed with a minimalist look, the new pots ensure plants shine against their clean backdrop. The new ‘Bring the Outside in’ range consists of:

  • Orchid pots; inspired by a visit to an orchid collector, who planted her orchids in hand thrown terracotta pots of all shapes and sizes, with holes for good circulation around the roots. There are three different versatile shapes, which if grouped together make for a beautiful orchid plant display.
  • Rectangular dolly pots; an extension of the current Crocus Dolly pot range. The new additions have a more contemporary shape, with the familiar detailing. Each pot has a saucer for a small moisture reservoir.
  • Citrus pots with glazed saucers; hand thrown and available in three sizes. Designed to be brought inside during the colder months and providing that hint of fashionable terracotta indoors.
  • Riveted metal pots: genuine, sturdy riveted metal pots with solid watertight bases suitable for indoor use.
  • Terracotta slug and snail resistant pots; classic shape, hand thrown with a scalloped band running around the middle of them to hold a belt of material to deter slugs and snails – pictured with a ribbon of wool and copper.
  • Terracotta cloches; new take on an old classic. Hand thrown and all with individual hand print.
  • Terracotta milk bucket pot; design to be easily moved around a small space or patio.
  • Terracotta pot Olla; long and slender, designed especially to be used in the Crocus large pots so that plants can be planted easily around them with space to spread out and grow.
  • Terracotta ruffle pots; with their softer edges, these are generously proportioned made by skilled pot throwers. When the pot is thrown, the top edge is made by methodically pinching at regular intervals. It creates a lovely profile, unique to each pot.
  • Traditional grow pots (set of 3); the classic, a shape that has been around for centuries and still works so well.
  • Terracotta urn pot; designed in the shape of the Crocus strawberry pot, for an elegant and timeless design.

The new Crocus Collection will be on show at the Garden Press Event on the 20th of February. Strictly a trade event, the annual garden press event brings together the garden press with business brands, charities and societies to share all that’s new for the gardening market. Registration required.