Restore Nature Now march

Over 300 organisations will be attending the Restore Nature Now march, which takes place in Central London from 12 noon until 1pm on Saturday the 22nd of June.

Hare in field

The Wildlife Trusts, the Woodland Trust, Plantlife, WWF, the National Trust, the Tree Council and many other supporting environmental organisations are uniting to stand up for nature. Representing nature as a whole, the organisations are split into four groups: Woods, Water, Land and Air.

The peaceful and family friendly event aims to be the biggest ever UK gathering for nature and climate, with tens of thousands of people marching shoulder to shoulder for our natural world.

The aim of the march is to show UK politicians a strong domestic, global nature and climate leadership which is particularly important now – with reports such as the State of Nature 2023 showing that UK wildlife populations have fallen by almost a fifth in the last 50 years; and the State of Rivers report revealing that no single stretch of river in England or Northern Ireland is in good health.

Organisers are calling on politicians of all parties to:

  • Provide more funding to ensure a nature-friendly farming approach 
  • Make polluters pay for the damage they do to the environment 
  • Create more space for nature by expanding and improving protected areas and public land 
  • Putting the legal right to a healthy environment in law – clean air and water and access to nature for all communities. 

The Restore Nature Now march route is set to go from Hyde Park Corner to Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and Whitehall, before a rally in Parliament Square.

For further details on the march and route, we refer you to Restore Nature Now.