Royal Horticultural Society & Garden Centre Association list of peat-free only compost retailers

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and the Garden Centre Association (GCA) have produced a list of garden centres and retailers that stock only peat-free growing media.

closeup stack of brown clay pot lot

Government policy remains that they intend to legislate to ban the sale of horticultural peat in England by the end of 2024 ‘as soon as parliamentary time allows’. Until there is legislation in place, the RHS & GCA have compiled a list for gardeners keen to purchase peat-free compost and reward those retailers moving towards peat-free trading. A move by the RHS, in line with their sustainability strategy and commitment to helping the horticultural industry transition to peat-free and builds on the October 2023 announced list of peat-free nurseries.

Note, online retailers are listed separately, as are B&Q, Dobbies, Tesco, Waitrose, Lidl, Co-Op, Morrisons and Iceland who stock only peat-free growing media.

The RHS have added that the list is not exhaustive, but records UK retailers that are peat-free only composts vendors as of 1 April 2024 – information obtained through a survey conducted by the GCA and RHS. The list will be updated to include retailers who opt to selling only peat-free bagged composts.

For gardeners unable to find retailers through the list, the RHS have also provided guidance as to trusted peat-free compost brands; Melcourt (RHS endorsed), Coco & Coir, Dalefoot, Fertile Fibre, Heart of Eden and Rocket Gro. Also noted, is that as of November 2023 Miracle Gro are also a peat-free brand, but depending on stock, some of their products in rotation in 2024 may still contain peat.