RHS publishes list of peat-free nurseries

As part of their sustainability strategy and commitment to helping the horticultural industry transition to peat-free, the RHS has published list of peat-free UK nurseries.

Peat lands

According to the RHS, the list of nurseries have all been verified as being 100% peat-free, which means that there is no peat present in the growing media used for their plant production, including young or plug plants.

In partnership with Defra and industry, the RHS is working on the ‘Transition to Peat-Free Fellowship’. As part of this project, a baseline study was carried out in 2023 to gauge the progress of the industry in their transition to peat-free, and gather information on the transition from commercial growers going peat-free. The 2023 list of current peat-free suppliers was obtained from this survey.

The list can be used by gardeners, growers and buyers looking to source 100% peat-free plants. In due course, the survey will be repeated and the list updated to reflect the progress of the industry.