Shadow Minister seeks clarity on Kew herbarium relocation plans

By means of a letter to the Rt Hon Steve Barclay MP, the Government Secretary for the Environment questions are asked about the Kew Herbarium move to Reading. 

Shadow Minister of State for the Environment Steve Reed.
credit:UK Parliament

Posted on X, the Shadow Minister of State for the Environment, Steve Reed asks for assurances from the Director and Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew that the move will not “unduly disrupt” scientific research and seeks more clarity on the national collections of books, drawings and paintings that are to be included in the move. In terms of the practicalities of the potential move, Reed has also asked for more detail on plans for effective continued interaction between the two locations and arrangements for access for botanists around the world to continue their vital works.

The controversial plans for the herbarium to relocate to the plant library in the Thames Valley Science Park has botanists worried about the future of their vital work. Opponents of the move, which includes many Kew staff, say it is unnecessary and will only hamper their research.

The news of political involvement has been well received by the move’s opponents.