Sneaky peek: A Flower Garden for Pollinators by Rachel de Thame

Botanical artist and illustrator, Lauren Lusk provides glimpse into the illustrations of the anticipated new book written by her mother, Rachel de Thame.

A Flower Garden for Pollinators (Greenfinch), set for release in April 2024, is a practical guide written by the horticulturalist and Gardener’s World presenter, about creating a garden with an abundant resource of plants rich in nectar and pollen.

The book is a collaboration between Rachel de Thame and Lauren Lusk (her eldest daughter) alongside photographs by the award winning photographer, Jonathan Buckley. Lusk, originally trained in jewellery design, started botanical painting on vellum in 2016 and has been painting flowers ever since. When asked about the source of her inspiration, she said “I think my mum and grandfather’s love of plants have definitely been a huge inspiration”.

Rachel de Thame describes the collaboration with her daughter as a “a long-held dream”. In a recent post, she said “I feel so grateful that she said yes to collaborating with me on this. It involved many months of painstaking work, while juggling caring for four young children! But we both feel it’s been very special to have an opportunity to come together on a project which highlights an issue we are so passionate about”.