The new face of biodiverse flowers

Meet the rising floral star, Alfie Nickerson and his burgeoning biodynamic flower company, Burnt Fen.

Alfie Nickerson of Burnt Fen Flowers

In last weekend’s FT, Fiona Golfar introduced readers to the flamboyant flower farming newcomer, Alfie Nickerson. Located on his family’s land in Norfolk, the four-year old, three-acre biodynamic flower farm, Burnt Fen Flowers offers a wide variety cut-flowers throughout their April to November season. Notable clients include Petersham Nurseries in London, and florist Julia Campbell-Gillies.

“In the early days, he would fill his car with buckets of flowers and drive to London once a week, selling them to friends and family. But as more people have started to look for natural, consciously sourced flowers that are perhaps a little “perfectly imperfect” (as they have in the world of food), the business has grown”, writes Golfar.

Nickerson, who previously worked in London as a gardener, crafted his floral and biodynamic skills when he volunteered for Jane Scotter at her sixteen-acre farm Fern Verrow in Herefordshire.

The bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, roll-up-ciggy smoking, dachshund owning, ex-model flower farmer, born into a stylish family (Jayne Pickering is his mother) with his “perfectly-imperfect”, biodynamic flower crop, has all the makings of becoming the new poster boy to take the flower farming industry by storm. Watch this space.