Slug crawling on the ground

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The slug retrospective

Intriguing article by RHS entomologist Dr Hayley Jones, shedding light on the little-known benefits slugs to (garden) ecosystems.

Kathleen Murray Tasmania Ugliest Lawn competition winner

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The world’s ugliest lawn

Tasmanian garden wins prize for world’s ugliest lawn highlighting how people can save water, help animals and free themselves from lawn-mowing

Rendered wall in Sarah Price’s ‘The Nurture Landscapes Garden at RHS Chelsea

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Gardening trends 2024

Garden designer Ann-Marie Powell shares her views on the trends we can expect in gardens and garden design in 2024.

Ancient Maple tree

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Ted Green champions ancient forests

The ecologist shares his views on the conservation of irreplaceable, uniquely biodiverse living monuments for their vital genetics in the next generation of ancient trees.

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The battle of the Stag beetle

Lucanus cervus, famous for its impressive jaws is a globally threatened species and numbers in Britain are in decline.

Gunnera manicata

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UK to ban Gunnera

Researchers discover the majestic plant seen in the UK is not a benign species, rather an invasive hybrid Gunnera × cryptica listed as a ‘species of union concern’ in the UK and EU.

Kew Herbarium

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Possible reprieve for Kew Keepers

Uncovered documents in the Kew archives reveal that Sir William Hooker stipulated the collection must stay within the gardens.

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The best of this year’s gardening books

Ursula Buchan’s best books include works by authors Jinny Blom, Francis Pryor, Jenny Joseph, Henrik Sjöman & Arit Anderson and Maury C. Flannery.

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‘Tis the season of the leaf-peepers

Capturing the glory that is autumn is admirable, yet when armed with phones, torrents of leaf-peeping “influencers” can ruin the seasonal spectacle.

Meadow buttercup flowers

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Wilding or Rewilding?

For Gardenista, Kendra Wilson discusses the topic du jour in gardening and landscaping circles.

Urban view of Sheffield with trees

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The value of our natural capital

Comprehensive new report on the economic, environmental and social value of plants based on extensive consumer behaviour research.

Hare in a field

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UK wildlife continues to decline

Not unlike other countries, we have experienced significant loss of biodiversity but the UK is now classified as one of the world’s most nature-depleted countries.