A must follow @konekono_kitsune

Japanese artist, Noriko Kouike working under the name of Konekono Kitsune captures vegetables in their best light by means of her delicate embroidery.

What started with a small cabbage in 2017, started a successful theme which Noriko Kouike has pursued since. Her work is incredibly detailed and beautiful, and a subject matter that appeals to all in horticulture. When asked why vegetables the artist quite rightly replies “because the vegetables and my embroidery go well together.”

The texture of thread and the three-dimensional effect of her meticulous brings out the real charm and beauty of what is too often perceived as simply, a humble vegetable. A keen gardener, Kouike grows her own vegetables in her garden to observe the growing process for her work, and visits farms nearby for additional inspiration.

According to Kouike, her goal is to create a book on (vegetable) embroidery for all to read. A feat, which has led her to start studying English. “My final goal is to continue embroidering until I am 80 years old, when my grandmother was still working the needles. A little over 40 years left. A little longer if possible. I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of works I’ll be embroidering in the future.” writes the dedicated artist.

Without doubt @konekono_kitsune is a must follow in our book. Her dedication to vegetables and the art of her beautiful embroidery is truly impressive.