Monty Don on the Dish

The nation’s favourite gardener features on the jolly Waitrose podcast hosted by DJ Nick Grimshaw and Michelin-star chef Angela Hartnett

Monty Don at Hampton Court
credit: Petra Hoyer Millar

The podcast series, now in its third season is described as “weekly dinner parties for more riotous fun and hilarious, unfiltered chat”. Guests to date have included; Rob Delaney, Emeli Sande, Stanley Tucci, Hugh Bonneville, Gordon Ramsey and Kirsty Young. Monty Don is reportedly their first gardener.

In the episode, Hartnett prepares two seasonal dishes for Monty by Diana Henry; Daube de Boeuf with a macaroni gratin. Grimshaw’s pouring of Pinot Noir may have helped, as Monty is charmingly relaxed and chats happily about his introduction to gardening as a child, his cooking skills, love of (growing) food, gardening passion, potted tulip bulb planting bonanza, Jerusalem artichokes and of course his new book, The Gardening Book.

Monty explains that his new book is for “people who have never got around to learn about gardening”, very much like his own children he laughed, and who were “the target audience”. Excitedly, Hartnett added that this was her first ever gardening book, so he’s probably on to another winner. Inspired by a cookbook, the book aims to help guide the planning of a new garden, similar to following a “recipe” where you “have the ingredients, how to do it, and what the end result could or should be like”, explained Monty.

The podcast comes with a warning, “Just so you know, our podcast might contain the occasional mild swear word or adult theme” – and yes, our famous gardener does the odd bit of swearing.