Review into fresh produce supply chain fairness

Government launches review into contract fairness between producers and purchasers in the edible horticulture sector to ensure a fair price and transparency in the negotiation process


The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said the horticulture industry is a vital part of the UK’s food supply chain and contributed £3.3 billion to the British economy in 2022. This figure included the growing of more than 3 million tonnes of over 300 fruit and vegetable crops domestically.

The sector has faced a number of challenges in recent years including increased energy, fuel and labour costs which have raised concerns about the fairness of the UK supply chain.

The Fresh Produce Supply Chain Review will gather evidence about how contractual arrangements in the sector currently function, whether there is a need for further legislation to oversee the relationship between producers and purchasers, and whether the supply chain can be made more transparent. T

This is an open consultation, meaning that responses from all stakeholders with a link to the fresh produce sector will be welcomed.

The review will open today (14 December) and will run for 10 weeks until 22 February.