Talking Gardens: Tamsin Westhorpe

Gardener and garden writer Tamsin Westhorpe talks to Stephanie Mahon on the Gardens Illustrated podcast series, Talking Gardens.

Westhorpe‘s views on gardens and gardening is always refreshing. She’s wonderfully practical, open and honest. When asked by Mahon to describe elements of a dream garden, Westhorpe is the kind of person who hankers (admirably and rightfully) after an outside sink. She discusses her terrible fall off a ladder, when she broke her spine. For someone so active, having to lie down for such a long period of time made her realise how awful it is not to be able to garden. “What you realise it’s more than sad. It’s tragic”, she said. An eye opener, to understanding difficulties older generations experience when faced with the terrible predicament of not being able to cope with their gardens anymore. Similarly, for people with (temporary) disabilities. On gardening for health, Westhorpe couldn’t be clearer, just “Get out there”.

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