UK faces tree shortage

In her column Digging Deeper, Sally Nex warns gardeners of years of tree shortages due to soaring demand.

Oak leaf

According her compelling article in the October edition of Gardeners’ World magazine, Nex explains that following previous shortages and increased tree planting (40%), UK tree supplies are acutely low. With the added pressure from the Government to planting 30,000 hectares of new woodland by 2025, supplies are fast depleting. So much so, that even though tree planting season has yet to start, Barcham Trees in Cambridgeshire have reportedly already run out of popular garden trees.

Topping up supplies with tree imports is not an option due to pest & disease concerns/controls and it will take years for tree nurseries to make up the shortfall. Gardeners looking for trees may need to be satisfied with smaller trees, or whips even. Anything larger, the wait may be five years…

Sally Nex is a regular contributor and columnist for BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine, the RHS journal The Garden, Grow Your Own, and The Guardian.