Beth Chatto Symposium: Beneath the Surface

The third symposium entitled ‘Beneath the Surface’, follows the success of ‘Ecological Planting in the 21st Century’ and ‘Rewilding the Mind’.

Beth Chatto Symposium

Scheduled for the 29th and 30th August, the 2024 Beth Chatto Symposium will delve deep into hidden realms to explore many of the lesser-known factors that affect the way we garden. This exploration will investigate the ways in which we can perceive and understand the processes in which we are intimately entangled and how we can engage with them in ways that are beneficial to all the parties involved.

With a diverse line-up of speakers and moderated discussion panels, the symposium aims to stimulate conversation and shared learning – continuing Chatto’s mission to inspire and educate through horticulture.

Three strands:

  1. Perceiving: revealing research into hidden realms and new worlds.
  2. Thinking: big ideas about our relationships with the natural world and how we define and express them
  3. Doing: putting new ideas in practice, skills, design and activism.

All proceeds generated from the symposium will be donated to the Beth Chatto Education Trust. The trust aim to inspire, educate, and promote enjoyment and wellbeing for all through gardens and the outdoor environment.